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WTB: HEADS for a 1985 L98

Guest SpeedQuest

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Guest SpeedQuest

Looking for some heads for my L98 around these specs...


Intake 2.02

Exhaust 1.60 - 1.92

64-70cc combustion chambers

Why ??? I dont want to push my compression beyond 10.5-1 and I still want to meed Kalifornia emissions standards primarly, but want to find something that would go nicely with a Superram along with some other goodies.

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If money is not a worry, I would suggest going with some Trick Flows, I have never heard anything but good reports form anyone using them.... TF's where on my wish list for my 82 before I sold it.

Or you can get some decent performance out of your L98 heads with some port work...

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