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Talented people scare me!!


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Yeah, freakin' amazing. Don't know if it's the same guy or not, but saw this in person during one trip to Vegas. Flat out cool as hell. :thumbs

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There's a bunch of these guys around... We watched one in Rocky Point on the beach doing this stuff to peoples mini satellite dish's for their RV's. But he was doing mountain and beach scenes....

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Guest XLR8TNC5

Wow, that was very very very cool! Im not a huge fan of Sci Fi stuff, but that was really awesome looking at his techniques. I wonder how he learned it or how someone gets that artitistic ability to be cretive like that. It is amazing.

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I always took it for granted .. thought everyone could do it.

-shrug- .. wasn't till I was workin as a video game artist that I began to realize ..not everyone can just grab a blank space and fill it with an image from an idea.

When you start interviewing people for an art position, you also realize there are levels and levels of talent .. its really amazing how good some people are ..

..its like havin a fast car .. there is always someone faster ..

..in talent, there is always someone who can do it better :)


-Frank (be skeerred .. be verrry skeeerred :)

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