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Popping and crackling sounds


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I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting this one, so I'm hoping you gurus here have some suggestions...


I drove my '08 pretty long and hard over a two day trip. Near the end of the trip I started noticing some popping and crackling sounds coming through my speaker (I don't know how else to describe them). Those sounds became more and more pronounced. When I got home and let everything cool off, I popped the hood to see if anything looked funny. I noticed the cap for coolant tank was popped off - but amazingly hadn't got lost in the drive. During the trip I never noticed any overheating occurring, and everything seems fine  now mechanically, so I don't know why the cap came off in the first place. Also, nothing looks obviously damaged. Now, whenever I first turn the car on, or select any menu items, or turn on the stereo - basically, anything that produces a sound - those popping noises are there.


Here's my best guess at this point: During the trip, some coolant splashed out and landed on something electrical related to the speakers. Maybe a fuse, a wire, I don't know.


Do any of you have any ideas on what the problem might be, or how to diagnose it?


Thank you!



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Is it coming out of all speakers?


Check if amp on speaker it is coming from is toast.

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Thanks, all.


It seems to be coming from the front speaker in the driver's side door.


Would coolant flying around be able to damage the amp?


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I don’t think coolant had anything to do with the speaker issue. Just a coincidence more than likely.

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