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Computer Goodies for sale


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ok here is my list.

We are cleaning out the closet at work. All of this stuff is New in Box


Wireless Access Point WAP54G

Add Wi-Fi to your home, or add extra unit to increase your coverage.

Price $25.00

three in stock


Wireless PCI card


Add Wi Fi to a desktop compute

Price $20.00


Netgear INternal 10/100 PCI card FA311

Price $5.00

Three in stock


Netgear Internal 1000/100/10 PCI card GA311

Price $10.00


Linksys external Print server PSUS4

Turn your printer into a Network Printer. Now your computer does not have to be on for other computers to print. Plus its a 4 port Network switch.

Price $20.00


Linksys External USB Wi Fi Adapter Wusb54g

Dont feel like cracking open your computer to add a PCI card? No Problem! This unit will give any computer (laptop or desktop) with a USB port Wi-Fi network access.

Price $20.00

4 in stock


Hawking HPS1P 10/100M Internet Print Server.

So you dont have a USB Printer but you want to print over the network? This is your answner! This device connect directley to your parallel connecter and then you plug in a network cable. Vola`now you dont have to share your printer from your computer.

Price $20.00

2 in stock



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hey Cahd - is that router "bridgeable" (and if so, in order to bridge, do i need an additional bridge to connect 2 "bridgeable" routers?)*

*PHEW, all that from the brain of a PC Tech :leaving

awww crap, the PC Tech apparently can't read - it's an access point, not a router

i'll poke around and check out the bridgeability and get back to ya.

not a bad deal on the printservers either - especially if they support both USB and Centronics plug!

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I'll take the Linksys external Print server PSUS4.

I just got a new laptop and if I'm surfing by the pool, I don't want to have this one on to print something!!

Bring it next Sat if you are coming, OK?


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What do you have let now? I might buy everything you have left. :)

please email me with your phone number and Ill breif you with what I have.

I need to dump this stuff.


Hey Chad, I could use a 54mps & a USB netwoek adapter. Let me know if they're still available.

yes all of it is still here.

email me and ill make you a great deal.


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My Name is


Hi Chad, my name is Steve. :howdy

Hello Chad and Steve, my name is Eddie and I'm a Vetteaholic! :D

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