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AAAHHHHH Hood Release Handle


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Put a new Edelbrock on the SR76 and took it out for a spin.


Got home and went to pop the hood and the handle pulled off.


I thought there might be a set screw, but nope.


There are threads and a slot on the rod.


Any idea for a quick fix?




Snapshot 1 (3-8-2023 7-44 PM).png

Snapshot 2 (3-8-2023 7-45 PM).png

Snapshot 3 (3-8-2023 9-00 PM).png

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Is it wide enough to drill a hole through it and pin it?

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Grape Ape

It does look like it use to be a press fit part. Jester had my idea too. Maybe drill it and pin it. Or maybe fill it with that jb weld and drill it to be a press fit again. 

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