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So I've been working on a new project, like I need another project right now. Ugh! Anyway, I've been 2D scanning the Renegade manifold for something special that I want to do. Here is the first scans, not bad, but not great either. I figured out what I was doing wrong, but it was too late to start over. I will be doing it again on Thurs if time permits. Still looks pretty cool and I can 3D print it. :rolf Here is the real one as well. Enjoy!






top plate.jpg

lower manifold.jpg

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So, it's been a rough year for me already this year, but I'm almost done with one of my CFI mods. I ran into some trouble on the boring and had to make some adjustments, but now they are OK. I bored the throttle bodies out to 56mm...EACH and laser etched my logo on the blades. I also added roller bearing on the shafts vs bronze bushings. These should last FOREVER. I guess I'll have enough air flow now for my motor and won't be the restriction anymore. Will also bump my FP up to 32psi. :rolf Here is what they look like. :thumbs Was hoping to have all this done by December, yeah, that didn't work out. Ugh!


56mm tb.jpg

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That throttle body is a thing of beauty.  Nice work Tom….

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