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October has Five Saturdays


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Some monthly events are on the LAST Saturday of the month, and some indicate they are on the FOURTH Saturday of the month.


I have somebody coming into town from France who wants to see American cars.  So what car shows/coffee and donut events will be held on-

October 22



and October 29?



The Pavillions and Mixteca are obvious afternoon events but ....

I looked at Crusing AZ but the pickings look slim for now




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There is always something going on every Sat Eve at 67th & Bell. Starts @ 1600.

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Mixteca is always busy and runs well into the evening....the Pavilions show is shut down at 8:00 PM.

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October 22 Adams cars and coffee at their store, Shea and the 101. A great variation of cars/trucks show up 8-10AM.


The event at 67th Ave and Bell is excellent as well.

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