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C3 Spare tire Lock - Removal -


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There is a lock on my spare tire compartment.


I looks to be original.   The round key slides in but nothing happens when I turn it.


I hate to cut it off.


did they come with locks?

any suggestions?



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Try the graphite and give it some tappy tappy.  As long as that's been sitting frozen up, I think you're going to need to get a little aggressive if that approach doesn't work.  Shoot some PB Blaster in that thing and let it sit for awhile


I think I'd also get a couple copies made of the key.  Then give it a try.  Then if the key breaks off you have back up to try again

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So the lock seemed to do nothing.   I just slid it aside and the bottom dropped down the tire fell out.


I was hoping it would be an original tire and rim.

It was a GoodYear Eagle ST   but either from 1995 or 2003   Rim had damage so I'm guessing it was original and had been on the car.

Here a video:



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