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C5 Mechanic Shop Suggestions


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Do you guys have any suggestions on where I can take my 2003 Zo6? My previous shop was in Austin Tx, but living out here i need a new one. I will drive for a good reliable shop, doesn't have to be in phx. 



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I can tell you were NOT to go... (see link) NOT HERE You can try Corde's Performance in Temp for C5 and up. GL...

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6 minutes ago, joe@cpr.com said:



Hey Joe, please clarify:  I have "heard" chatter that CPR will not work on C5s or "older" Vettes.  Obviously from your reply, this is not true.


For the knowledge of the members here, what is actually the case with CPR and older Vettes? 

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We still do C5's and a lot of them, I just don't take in high mileage one's unless it's going into the race car side of the shop where everything is being changed. In that case I would tell someone get a 100+k mile car to save on the initial investment. Now we won't take in extremely modified cars done elsewhere because 99% of the time you're being handed a hand grenade w/ the pin pulled already. 

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