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1986 Convertible Corvette Question!


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Hi all, I have a 1986, Convertible Corvette, burgundy with a white top, in good condition. 40,000 original miles. Everything runs and looks PERFECT! It was kept in a climate controlled garage for its entire life. The original owner owned this Corvette since 1986. I recently purchased the Corvette. I bought the Corvette before it ever was brought to sale to the general public.  I’m considering keeping the Corvette but I’m also a bit tight on garage space. (You know how that goes!)  I purchased this Corvette for only $10,000. I was wondering what you all thought of it’s value? Is it considered “a classic” or just an older Corvette? The car is absolutely beautiful and in what I would call “very good condition.” Its all original but 36 years old. Do you believe this Corvette would be in demand and what would a ball-park value be? I realize this is a bit of an off the wall question, but I’m just not that familiar with this year Corvette. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dave Dalzy 

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old yeller

I did a quick search on Kelly Blue Book. The furthest back it goes is 1992, six years newer than yours.

It showed $9200 to $11,000 .

Of course, it depends on what the buyer wants to pay.

Have fun with it if you decide to keep it or good luck with the sale.:ok:


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Photos below are from the 2022 Corvette Buyer’s Guide published by Corvette magazine. There’s some info on your year and a very general price guide. The pages loaded out of order, the one with the white coupe is last.




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