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Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 325/30/19 for Grand Sport or Z06


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I have a single Michelin Pilot Sport 4S   325/30/19 with plenty of tread left on it.   2017 date code so its 5 years old but still usable, at a minimum for burnout fun.  The other 3 tires had date codes of 2011.  I'm guessing the original owner replaced one rear tire in 2017 but didn't bother changing the other 3 along with it.   I replaced all 4 and saved the 1 rear tire since it has some life left.


I'm trying to find a stock air intake for a C6 Z06 and I know a lot of guys go aftermarket and theirs sit on a shelf.  Anyone have their intake on the shelf and could use a spare rear Michelin?


located in the North Scottsdale area






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I haven't had anyone offer up an air intake assembly so if someone just wants the tire for free it's yours.  It's not doing anyone any good sitting in my garage.

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