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Custom Radio/Dash Bezel


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Thought some folks out there might find some inspiration in my latest project. 
Happy to answer any questions you might have!


*Still deciding on the finishing paint color









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Nice work. Not sure what color I would paint it. Might look good wrapped or hydro dipped in carbon fiber, or even wrapped in leather.  

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Looks like nice work. I do have a question. Will that surround be permanently tied to that particular head unit or will it work for different brands?

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@94transamgt - both options might be too pricey but if I can figure out how to do it myself maybe! I've been considering the exterior color (metallic pewter) which might look good after the interior goes 100% black

@mrhusker - the bezel for that particular radio is what I bondo'd in but most double din radios will be so damn close to that size that it would only take a tiny bit of shaving for some or create a tiny gap for others. When I was a kid I worked at ultimate electronics as a mobile electronics salesman but I spent 80% of my time in the install bay learning a lot of the tricks used in this build. I've watched replacement radios go into a build like this without much change required :)

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