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Welcome B-Dog


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Hello Alan :howdy

Year of Corvette 1995

Color There is only one

Before I looked at your profile I knew that your Corvette was RED!!!! :lol

So now go vote in our What color is your Corvette poll. :thumbs

And welcome to ACE! :party

Finally somebody who things RED.. You gotta love it. Welcome From Glendale. Please Vote. :howdy

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Way to go Alan. Glad you joined. Did I sign you up for the Gila Bend run? If I didn't and you guys are going, please sign up.

Does your wife know your are "B-Dog"?

Dianne :D


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Alright, alright... One red corvette, and you all start dancing in the streets. :lol

Hey Alan! :howdy and welcome to ACE from Peoria! :thumbs

Post up some pix, these bozos need a red fix so their rabid drool doesn't dry up. :crazy

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RED RED RED... All Corvette are Red... The rest are Mistakes.....

I will duck and run now......... lol

My second choice was Black... Hope that helps me a little.. :)

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