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Frank, just visited you link that is in your sig. Watched the DVD and looked at the art work and read the article. Now that is something to be proud of. :thumbs:thumbs :D

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WOW! That is some sweet work Frank! You can definitely be proud of both the DVD and the pics.

I suggest each of you check out the link, it is some fine work :thumbs

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Thanks :)

A friend of mine put up the web site, seems his dad flew B-26 Marauders in WW2 ..and he and some other WW2 pilots began the San Francisco Bay Pilots Association .. consists of WW2 pilots .. Allies and Axis .. some fascinating stories there.

I did a buncha 3d renderings, oil-on-canvas painting, acrylic on posterboard paintings as a hobby awhile ago .. and when he asked if I had any artwork, I gave 'em all I had up to then (a lot of images to put up!) .. and they 'inducted' me into their association. Is an honor to be part of it, .. . I have yet to make it to one of their lunches :(

Time is ravaging the group, it has shrunken drastically over the past decade .. I am hoping to contact them and make it over there this summer, finally .. with any luck at all.


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