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Full build video on my C5


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This is a long one, but it ties together almost two years of work on our shop car to bring it to the new combo that we have going for it. I hope you enjoy it and for me it was an incredible journey and really grew us as a team here. This vehicle has always been somewhat of a test bed for us to see what hurdles will come with different setups which in turn, allows us to put out a better product to the end user. Or gives us the much needed information to present to the customer and give them all the important pro's and con's when it comes to making big power on different combinations. We have been doing more and more race car builds of this caliber and currently have a C7 build that is on par with this and following it up with a couple 6th gen camaro's and V2's that will be on this level. We thank you for following and supporting us through all these years and am so grateful for the opportunity to be doing this. I sincerely hope you enjoy this video! 


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