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2004 Corvette Silver Targa Top Used once -Like New


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2004 C5 Corvette silver targa top. Should fit years 1999-2004. Selling for my neighbor who is not very tech savvy with online forums. Top was used once then covered and stored in climate controlled room. Condition is excellent. $400 OBO





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I was typing same time as you.......freaky.


That looks pewter, not silver.  Open the glove box door and there should be a factory label with the RPO code


See if you can get a picture in more direct light.  Maybe its the angle the picture was taken

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This is his 2004 Vette. Unfortunately it was totaled which is why he's selling the top. For 2004, it's either Machine Silver Metallic or Medium Spiral Grey Metallic. He seems to think it's Machine Silver Metallic.

Rays Vette.jpg

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