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Turn signal stops when engine is warm...


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So I've looked all over the place on the big forum and not sure how to fix it. 

My 2007 vette has the rapid blink to show a bad bulb,  replaced both side in the front of the car.  Both worked when done then yesterday the same driver side one stopped working,  and this morning it worked,  left the car running for awhile and it stopped working again.   So it has something to do with the heat of the engine,  i checked the bulb and its fine.  Any ideas guys ?  I also pride the connections in the socket to make sure they contact the bulb well also.  The running lights are working fine on the same bulb.   Its odd that only 1/2 the bulb is working right ?  Both filaments are not broken. 

If it was a ground issue the bulb wouldn't work right  ??


Please help I'm taking a road trip soon 


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Did you try sticking LED bulbs in there?  Sounds like hyper flash maybe?  If you have added LED bulbs you'll need to add a resistor to get your blinkers to work normally


Other than that, I have heard on early C6's some instances of the fuse block under the hood expanding/contracting due to heat and messing with connectivity.  You might want to check the C6 tech section of corvette forum, the big board as its known

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