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Searching for Info on my 69

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I attempting to locate records or info for my 1969 L36 Corvette that is believed to be originally from Arizona. It was purchased by the person I got it from in Tucson (that previous owner had no information). This is likely a fools errand, but I wanted to try due to the originality and rarity of the car as it is highly optioned and seems to have been special ordered. So I thought I would write in the off chance any of your members may know about this particular Vette.




1969 427/390 Coupe – AC, Factory Side Pipes, Transistor Ignition, 308 Rear End, Leather, 4 Speed, Burgundy, Luggage Rack, AM/FM Stereo, Rear Window Defogger . 


I appreciate any assistance you or your members can provide.





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Back in the "old" days you could contact a state DMV and for $1 a page they would send you copies of all the previous registrations in that state.  Found out I was the 10th owner of both my first and second Corvette that way.   With Hippa etc much of that is now a secret.  But worth a try.

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Hello Hans - You mention you believe your 69 was originally sold in Arizona.  Was this from a previous owners comments?  Reason I ask, and maybe you already know about this, if you are an NCRS member, you can send away (with a check for a bit under $50, and hopefully receive what is known as the NCRS Shipping Report.  You provide the VIN to the NCRS folks and 'if' they have the info they will send you the info that tells you the original selling dealership.

This covers basically 62 through 75 Corvettes but not all Corvettes in that age range are covered.   I've done this for about a half dozen of the Vettes I've owned and sometimes it's no big surprise and then sometimes it's a big surprise.  I bought my 65 300 Horse Coupe way back in '85.  No one really cared that much about where the car was originally sold and this one was what we used to call....'Rode Hard and Put Away Wet'.  Wound up doing a body-off and not by choice.  It was in bad shape but it all turned out well...after a lot of effort.  Later on when the Shipping Reports were available, I sent in for the info and expected to find that it had been an original California car due to having Black/Yellow License Plates.  Turns out that it was originally sold at a dealership in Cleveland Ohio.  My best guess was that it had been bought by a Service Member, maybe Air Force, and shortly after, he and the car relocated to California.  Reason for that is, for those of us originally from California, there are Letter Groups in the license plates that mostly refer to the year they were offered, such plates beginning with M's on through R's and that would be seen on 65 model vehicles.  My 65 Coupe started with an R which could have been a late issue on California but it turns out that it spent it's first year (or two) in Ohio.

Post up some pics of your 69 when you get the chance, love to see pics.

Mike T - Prescott AZ

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