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Rules for The "For Sale" Section


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Here are some guidelines that we ask all to follow, to keep things organized and fair.

Failure to follow these rules may result in your threads being locked, deleted, or moved. Depending on the severity of your actions, or frequency of your actions, your user account could be suspended or banned.

  1. The "Garage Sale" section is for anything else that is not allowed in the "Corvettes and Corvette parts.

    " section.

  2. Please POST all replies in the thread. Do not us instant messages, e-mail or other unseen communications to reply to the seller / buyer. This way everyone gets to see all questions asked, all information posted and all pictures available. This also helps to keep rule 2 applicable.
  3. Buyer beware. Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts, the administrator(s), the moderator(s) and other members are not responsible or liable for anything that is purchased or sold. Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts will only moderate what is being sold in this section but we do not in any way sponsor, support, guarantee, warranty or imply quality of any products bought or sold here. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN, all sales are between buyer and seller only.
  4. Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts does not charge for the posting nor do we collect any part of the sale.
  5. Once your item sells, please let the administrator or moderator know so we can close the topic.
  6. Please keep all posts and replies in the For Sale section related to the original post. Questions from buyers and responses from sellers should be the only items in the topics. Threads that have been hijacked will be cleaned out or deleted in whole.
  7. SELLER HARASSMENT. If you are not interested in buying something from someone, do not negatively haggle them about the price, or post things that intend to hurt potential sales. Comments should be kept constructive.
  8. CONSOLIDATE all of your for sale items into ONE thread. Do not post a separate ad for each item, or we will just delete your threads.
  9. PRICE IS REQUIRED. We do not permit ads without an asking price for each item. "Best Offer" is not an allowable substitute for posting a price.
  10. Please keep all items for sale legal.
    Calling "dibs"

    Due to some past issues with people replying to ads and calling "dibs", which is basically claiming all rights to a sale, we wish to post our policy on this subject.

    "Calling dibs" isn't valid here. There are many reasons for this.

  • Seller has the ultimate right to sell to whoever he chooses, as well as the right to refuse to sell to someone for whatever reason.

  • Seller could have this item advertised in the regional forum, classified forum, and maybe 10 other websites and the local newspaper. Its impossible to claim "dibs" on a sale that you might not have seen first. You might be the first to reply in a thread, but that doesn't mean 10 people have already emailed the seller about it from another listing.

  • Calling "dibs" sometimes makes other potential buyers lose interest in the sale. This really sucks when the guy calling "dibs" is just a dreamer or is trying to low ball the seller, and ends up not buying the item. The other buyers will probably be long gone by then, and have bought similar items from someone else.

    So, please keep in mind that "calling dibs" on something does NOT guarantee you the sale of the item. Therefore, do not waste your time calling dibs. Just reply with your intentions. Once your sale is 100% confirmed and you sent the funds, you may reply that it is sold to you.

Please e-mail Administrator@arizonavette.net if you have any questions.

Thank you and good luck with your sales and purchases.

Dwayne Tomko

Phil Zuniga

Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts - Administrators.

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