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MGW Shifter for a C7


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Has anyone out there bought and installed a MGW short throw shifter in a C7? From what I have read it looks pretty easy and works very well, but I wanted to get some personal information.

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Z06 on I10


I have a MGW flat stick in my C6- 

It very much has a mechanical feel and it works great.  The only thing you need to be wary of once installed is rattle- When I installed mine in my C6 it was fine for a few days, then a really annoying tapping noise started happening in most gears at higher RPM or under moderate load.  I thought I had something misaligned but apart from noise, it was shifting perfectly with no issues.  I checked of course, everything was aligned right.  When I called MGW to ask about the noise, they claimed it was likely the ball itself was defective- that the threaded insert in the shift ball was loose and rattling inside the ball so a new shift ball was needed- remove the ball and drive around and see if noise goes away.

I removed my new, custom ordered oversize shift ball figuring I bought a dud and sure enough, the noise was gone.  

I drove around with the ball that comes with the shifter for a few days, was silent but ball was not totally locked down (jam nut wasn't tightened) Ordered yet another replacement knob, actually tightened down the jam nut and guess what?-The rattle came back, instantly.

WIth the MGW flat stick the shift ball is screwed on (3/8-16 thread) with a little jam nut/ collar that is supposed to be tightened against the shift ball to keep it from rotating.  That little jam nut even when tight was the source of the rattle.

If you encounter a tapping rattle under load that appears to be coming from the shifter-it's a good chance it isn't the shifter itself, the noise is the jamb nut rattling against the ball or threads.  I know it sounds weird and defies common sense (jam nut is tight, how can it rattle?) but this can be verified by removing the jam nut and driving around with the ball spinning for a minute.

The fix is to remove the jam nut MGW gives you, throw it in the trash and instead douse the inside of the ball with blue locktite, and screw it into place without bottoming it out.  Get the shift diagram aligned, and leave it alone for 24 hours.

Did that on mine, works great now.  Knob is secure and best of all, silent.   I figure it shouldn't be a problem removing the ball later since it isn't actually torqued down-simply held in alignment with the loctite and no additional torque.


The MGW is a nice shifter, and I hope this helps.

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