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Run to the River - Saturday November 7th


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Let's finish off the Year From Hell with a fun overnight trip to Laughlin, NV!:howdy:scareddriver::highfive::blackvette::Score-101010: --UPDATE-- 9/6/20    ***UPDATE *** UPDATE**** 9/24/2020**** After much looking for a hotel in Laughlin, NV, and reading reviews posted from just last weekend, my wife and I have decided not to go through with this trip. It appears that the hotels are having trouble retaining enough staff and personnel to serve guests properly with dining, elevator service, and housekeeping! I would recommend anyone that has shown interest in going, they do their own research to verify my findings. I am so sorry, but I think this whole Covid stuff has caused problems for everyone that would like to get back to normal and live life! Thank all who have supported this effort, and I hope to do this next spring or fall. Jerry and Melinee Dunn😟


My wife, Melinee and I are planning a trip in our Corvette to Laughlin on Saturday November 7th to escape lockdown and incessant boredom to have some normal fun! We will be staying 2 nights and wanted to invite all of our friends in ACE along for a great cruise and to have fun also!


The meet up will be at the Mobil gas station/store @ 8:30 AM on Hwy 93 just north of Wickenburg. We plan an 8:50 AM departure time from there following north on Hwy 93 to Hwy 40. We will have a 15 minute catch-up stop at the Union 76 station on the east side of the Hwy in Wickieup. It is located on the east side of the Hwy about mid north in the sprawling metropolis. Anyone may take a quick restroom break or pick up drinks, candy, etc. there. We will then continue north to the west onramp to Hwy 40 to Kingman where we will turn onto Hwy 68 west to Laughlin, NV. After arriving we will drive to the Aquarius Resort parking lot and the caravan will drive to a local restaurant for lunch. The name and location of the restaurant will be disclosed in an upcoming post from my investigations and club member preferences, I hope to receive soon!


I am hoping that a good number of people will be up for this event so that I can begin calling and looking to set up a good rate for rooms, food discounts, drink discounts, chip extras, preferred parking, etc.! There are many nice hotels and resorts to stay at in Laughlin and everyone will be on their own to arrange for their stay, but if I can receive a good response I will do my best to ensure a nice weekend at a place like The Aquarius! 




So, everyone get busy checking your calendars and planning for a fun cruise and weekend in November! This activity has not been done in a long time, so let's get together and have a great time!


Post Up Here If You Are In:


CrimsonNCream (2)

JoeandGwen (2)

Bob Lehrman (2)
















Melinee and Jerry are in!

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Awesome, glad to see someone is picking up this event now that we've departed the Valley. FYI, according to my calculations, this will be the 12th annual Run to the River, Inaugural Run was in 2008. Always a good time and swell event. Search "Laughlin" for previous runs if interested.

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7 hours ago, Bob Lehrman said:

Also, I'm trying without success to post some photos  on this site. Any special instructions.?


PM sent. . .

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