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New Piece To My Puzzle - Grape Edition


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Well, my new piece has arrived. It's been a very long road to get this one done. It's an RK Sport engine cover but with a twist. These covers were never made for the duel fuel lines like the '97's & '98's have. I've always liked this cover and didn't ever intend to get one until a Corvette Forum member reached out to me saying he could make it look like it came with the 2 lines. So I purchased one after we talked back and forth for a while and I was very comfortable with his work he's done for others. It is now finally done and on the car. I got it back from the painter yesterday afternoon. I personally think it turned out great and love the new look. I expect it won't be for everyone and that's okay too. I looked back at when this all started and it was way back in November of 2019, so yeah, it's been a long trip. The guy that did the custom duel fuel line mod did a fantstic job with it. I couldn't be more happy with the placement of the second line, it lines up perfectly. They both have enough clearance they won't rub on the lines and damage the paint either, I was worried about that part. Super easy to take on and off too, no more scratching the paint trying to get the lines out of the cover. We figured this is the only cover like this in existence for the duel fuel line cars. No one I've talked to has ever seen another one. 


So here's a few pictures of the new piece. This gives it a new look I've been wanting. We'll see how it goes over at the next show though, when they ever come back that is. I was hoping to show it off at the next gathering but I just couldn't wait that long.








Here's the video of the process I went through for this engine cover. It became a little longer then I anticipated but I had to add my twist to it. So you can skip to whatever if you want.


Almost forgot, I found some purple bolts to replace the black ones holding it on too. They'll be here in a week or so. Those should look pretty cool too.


Hope you enjoy it.



Well, I didn't think it was going to be possible, but a friend of mine told me to look for purple bolts. I

found some with the wide head area so I had to order them. They were waiting for me when I got home from work this morning so I had to install them. I like the look so and think they go well with the purple in the Ape.





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Thanks y'all. I'm really digging it so far. It is pretty Grape, huh. It increased my power to weight ratio by 50% and it decreased my wind effect by 12%. So I shouldn't be able to keep up with anyone here. It actually isn't any heavier then the 2 covers I took off. To my surprise it's a pretty light piece. It did take a ton of patience to say the least, 8 months is a frickin long time for anything. Hope my next project doesn't take that long....

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