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C 3 parts

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Blk n Blu

I have several  parts left over that I need to get out of the garage. All off a '72.


1 wiper actuator 

2 headlight actuators

1 wiper relay actuator

2 headlight relay actuator

RH headlight bracket

Steel vacuum line for the firewall 

Wiper door solenoid 

Radio heat sink

A/C condenser


Price .02 just looking for a good home for them.


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I would really like to come get them. Ihave a 71  I am getting in a few weeks. I live in Glendale and can come anytime My # is 602 510 0636. Thanks, hope to here soon. Lurch (Johnny)

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On 9/16/2020 at 11:52 AM, Lurch said:

Please call. You call and I will be on my way. Thanks

If Charlie hasn't called you yet try sending him a PM.


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