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ACE T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, you name it. . .


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The vendor for ACE T-shirts is:


Limitless Graphix

1831 W. Rose Garden - Suite #3

Phoenix, AZ 85027

(623) 476-2007


T-shirts start at $18 – this is for a size S-XL, single logo on a basic Gildan 5.3oz 100% cotton T-shirt.  (If this is the type of shirt you want, the Brand/Style is “Gildan/ 5000”). 

Larger sizes and multiple logos cost a bit more.


If you want something other than the “standard T-shirt” (for example, women’s V-neck or a hoodie) this vendor offers shirts in a wide variety of styles and colors to which they can apply the ACE logo (prices vary depending upon what you want).


To see available styles and colors, go here:


NOTE: this is the supplier of shirts to our vendor, NOT the vendor you order from!!!



You have your choice of two official ACE logos:

image.png.ea8be1b09b3407808ba7d7c9c9d85589.png                             image.png.29a8921c34e004516aa3ea468ef5f1ac.png


TO ORDER:  provide the vendor (Limitless Graphix) with your desired style number and brand (e.g. “5000 Gildan”), size, color, logo type and logo placement (back, front pocket, or both). 


Contact the vendor directly to order.  Pay the vendor directly.  Limitless Graphix accepts credit cards.









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Hey Donna, the link is broken, Is mccreary still selling tshirts? I was looking for a tank top to put the logo on.  

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Well, crap.  Thanks for letting me know.  I will check it out...

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