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Need head gaskets, is this my casting number?


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Been a minute since I've had the drive to put my car back together so I thought I'd start slow... With head gaskets so I cities I could put one side back together as start working on the other side...

Does casting number have something to do with correct gasket selection?

Does this mean it's a 317 casting? 😕


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16 hours ago, joe@cpr.com said:

What matters is the bore size. What do you have an ls1, 6, 2,3 boosted or not? 

Uhhhhh.  It's a 408 iron block it WAS boosted and if I keep this car or most likey will be again some day... So I'd like to the option to prepare even though a new cam might be in order which then the gaskets would be changed out again anyway.  I'd the price difference is negligible I'd prefer boosted gaskets.

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