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CPR built C6Z goes 170 in the half mile stock bottom end!


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Our customer Josh has always been big on the half mile racing and he previously had our proven Alpha package. Well he asked me to spec him a truly powerful half mile setup that he could still drive and have as close to the same manners as the Alpha cam as possible, now this isn't as smooth driving as the alpha but it's shocking how nice it still is. He has won multiple times at Shifts3ctor colorado and recently went to Coalinga as a few people in that area made a bet with him that it would never go 170 stock bottom end out there. Well the proof is in the pudding i'd say :) He not only backed this mph up multiple times he also won his class yet again! Many will post just dyno graphs, but we are huge on results that speak for themselves. If you're interested in our alpha or this setup please shoot me a pm! I will openly talk about the alpha spec's and sell that cam, this one however I won't give them away and it's only available installed through us.

Here are the details of the setup.

Ported OEM heads milled
MSD manifold (out of the box)
102 TB
Vararam intake
ARH 2'' longtubes offroad
CPR Spec "Beta cam" :rofl:
Flex fuel
Mcleod RXT (standard steel flywheel)
10% underdrive balancer
Our high rpm valve train setup (this is a hydraulic roller car btw with stock rockers)

josh shifts3ctor 170.jpg

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Heard you talking about this on your weekly video, awesome setup. That is great for you and the shop, truly turning out some go fast products.

Plus your having too much fun on those scooters, if I wouldn't break so easy I might rent one....:cheers 

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