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I received this email this morning. 

Its $100 less than I paid 5 years ago. Plus includes FREE shipping

nice lift for your Vette if you have less than 10’ high ceilings for (Standard lift)

(mine is 8’) bottom of Vette is about 45” off floor. 



MaxJax Fall Sale!
Lowest Price of the Year!
$1899 $1699 & Free Shipping!

MaxJax the Original Patented Portable 2 Post Lift!


Fits in most Home Garages


Lifting Capacity - 6,000 Lbs.

Overall Height - 89"

Overall Width - 105" to 135"

Max Lift - 45" to 48"


Buy your MaxJax Today

at this Years' Lowest Price!


Limited Time Offer Ends September 30th, Call Now!

Call for Free Expert Advice (877) 629-5291

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