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Finally building (and tearing down) the 77


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Engine and transmission and AC went in today. Lonnie does great work. It’s moving along nicely. And the plus side is I’m finally having decent car conversations now with him. I’ve learned a lot. 9E88FA51-16DF-48CB-B433-6098CD0CB6AD.thumb.jpeg.48f9f986bc22e507fee583011bb9d864.jpeg




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So clean, that's the way we like it, so clean you can eat off it. So next BBQ are we eating off the engine....?

Hee Hee....🍔🍟


Looks AWESOME...!

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11 hours ago, Chameleon said:

Used to go four-wheeling.  Put burritos in aluminum foil on the engine, when it's time for lunch, they're hot!  :eat:


Well that just made me hungry. 


Did it have an engine-type taste? 😂

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On 1/10/2019 at 9:33 AM, JohnU said:

The key to "spaghetti" is to get it back together before the memory fades.  Pictures of disassembly are your best friends.

I think it was touch and go but he got the wiring put back together yesterday. Oh the patience. I’d never have lasted. 

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Ain't it great when the plan actually starts to come together?  And, remember patience is a virtue.  It also helps putting the car back together as it should be.  Keep up with your progress.

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