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CPR C7Z expansion tanks available!

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We have finally fully released our C7Z expansion tank and we feel that we have built some very nice key features into our tank that separates ours from the rest. 

Key features:
1) Uses OEM quick connect fittings for an extremely easy install and removal of lines should you need to later on
2) The only tank that has a built in mounting bracket for a mighty mouse catch can (our preferred can here) no longer do you have to pick one or the other, or figure out a custom bracket to make it work
3) Still very easy plug access to cylinder #1
4) one of the fastest install times of any tank on the market 

Pricing is set to $600 + shipping and you can add in our popular heat exchanger for a package deal and have the ultimate in bolt in IAT management. 


These are made right here in house, those that have not followed much we have a full on fabrication portion of our shop now. 






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I enjoy simply staring at the raw tig porn. Droppin' dimes.

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