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c7z stock blower vs maggie heartbeat

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Our tuner nic's C7z on the dyno after we swapped a @magnusonsuperchargers heartbeat on it (2.3l) to see what it would do with that being the only change. 

This car has an 18% lower, halltech intake, arh 2" headers, alky control meth kit, and flex fuel kit (e54). 

Stock upper pulley is a 2.5 and we used an 80 mm (roughly 3.1) to try and keep boost as close to the same as possible (it ended up being 1 psi higher) but the gains up top are massive considering the blower isn't chocked up top anymore. 

Car still has the stock cam in it, there are zero dyno tricks being played here guy's. we bolted on the blower and tuned it, this is exactly what it netted us. 

Also to note this car with bolt on's has gone 10.02 @ 136 (time slip attached) and pulled a nice wheelie in 4300 FT DA. on dec 10th we are running the car again at another track rental in tucson to see what this netted us :)


nic slip.jpg

nic z wheelie.jpg

lt4 vs maggie.jpg

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Wow that's a crazy jump in powa!


Any 9s from this weekend?

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