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ACE Historical Society Presents: Events back then...


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:ACE:  gives to you... as collected and curated from the way-back-machine :cfdeadagain, this large batch of ACE historical events, released slowly as not to overwhelm you with too many emotions at once. 


We'll be periodically posting old ACE events in the Gallery and encourage you to reminisce :drinkerscomment, and tag folks you recognize!

(Use the "@handleName" for tagging like this: @theChad)


Also, if you find something out of place, let us know... we can move it around to the appropriate spot! Not everything was intuitive to sort and categorize. Your help is appreciated!


We'll try to keep a linked list in this thread as we release new historical events.


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Wow, thanks for posting these Chadster, such good memories.  Man how i miss ol' blue, she was a beast and a half!

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This is the only pic I have from the event. ACE gathered at Cardinal’s Stadium (University of Phoenix Stadium) for a group photo. I believe a lunch followed.  Anyone else recall this gathering or remember what the photo was for. 




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5 hours ago, TheCMSH said:

I think that was my first run with the group. Where did 10 years go??


It went WHOOSH!  The older we get, the faster it goes!

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Anyone have pics/ video of our cruise to bagdad in 2012? That was the last cruise I did in my c5. I remember everyone was saying I drive slow.lmao

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