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HVAC blower not working

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Hey all...it's been a while.  Hope everyone is doing fine.


This morning after stopping for gas I restarted the Vette and the a/c blower did not come on.


On the way home from work I noticed that the A/C was coming on (cool air was trickling out while I was driving with the 'outside air' on) after getting home I popped the hood and I could tell that the AC unit was coming on.   I pulled the fuse and replaced and still no blower and again the a/c unit came on.

Any else I can check? 


I'm assuming that the blower is gone. 


  How tough it is to replace the blower?




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Two Fangs

Fuse 28, a 40 amp fuse is the one for the blower fan.  Is that the one you pulled?


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