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1,000,000th Corvette


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I hate to reopen an old wound but there is good news about the 1,000,000th Corvette, it has been brought back to, as near as possible, pre-sinkhole condition!
1,000,000th corvette.jpg

Chevrolet had a heck of a job on its hands restoring this very special car, painted to match the first corvette off the line in its white exterior and red interior, as the car had major damage on every part of the car, even the interior was filled with dirt and rocks.

To make the restoration even harder, there were signatures on every hidden surface; mostly from the people working the line as the car was assembled. GM was able to preserve almost every signature but one of them couldn't be restored or replicated as it was too damaged. That signature belonged to an assembly employee named Angela Lamb. So what did GM do? They tracked her down, and got a new signature from her, to ensure this car was as close to what it used to be.

GM deserves a lot of thanks for ensuring this piece of history returned for all to enjoy.


credit : Corvette Mike 

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that what a TOY corvette looks like 8 hours after being swallowed. 



I see your millionth, and raise you a Billionth...


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