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Spring Compressor, Need a helping hand from you Aceholes!

Sleezy E

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Does anyone out there have a spring compressor tool I could borrow from you for a couple days??

I'm in the middle of my cam/spring swap and just realized the tool I have for the springs does NOT like the dual springs I'm putting on.... I've used it for spring swaps before and it worked fine, I guess I didn't realize the double spring would be a problem :at wits end:

If anyone has one of the bolt down versions they could lend me it would be GREATLY appreciated!!! I'm willing to drive pretty much anywhere in the valley, I'm in south Chandler.

Thanks in advance guys!! If you want to just give me a holler it's Eric @ 602-741-7427 :cheers

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Hey Eric, if you're still looking, I have one you can use.


I'm a ways from you though, off of the 51 and Northern.

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That's the same one I was just about to order!

PM on the way

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