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New Milestone Again

Grape Ape

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Well, went thru another mile(stone) with Grape last night on my way home from a fund raiser at the MCC Red Mountain campus.

Here's the progression:

I bought the car in '07 with just a touch over 61K on it.

This was 06/27/2010. Sorry it's a bit blurry so no, your not drunk yet.


This was 04/04/2014, almost 4 years and 10K miles. Not to bad.


Then we get to last night on my way home. Can you believe it took me 1 year and 6 days to get 1K miles on my car??? That is just sad...


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Why are you driving so slow? That needle will go a lot farther around than that.

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Ha, ya that's it..... :toetap ...My wife was with and she put the passenger side brakes on. If I was going to film then I had to be able to watch the road and the recorder at the same time. Plus there were other cars around so I was being a respectable non-ACEhole kind of Vette driver. I added some respect points for us all...:lol

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