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My last day...


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Last day at KDVT and look what showed up...they even did a 7 aircraft flyover with the B-25 in center!


I'm in Indy now...now I know why some of you-ins' left this neck of the woods!

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Unless it's a temporary job requirement, Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends are the only reason to be in Indy.

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Salt Lake in December - got nuthin' on Indy in March!

Be in St Louis on 4/3. Hope to be back in PHX 4/15.

Much as I wanted SkyWest, Republic won...

Shuttle America on the EMB-145

And, I am really thrilled to be here...training is already showing a whole different level of organization and company pride.

See ya'll soon, but I got a bunch of literature to read and write!

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Enjoy the training. My son wishes he was a little older with a few more hours.....

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