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The Vette addiction has begun (Lots of Pics)


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I bought my M6 2LT 2008 Corvette in December of last year from a gentleman on Craigslist for a steal, after selling my 1996 Nissan 300zx.


Yes, I Probably should have had a shop go over it first. So I drive the car home and immediately tear out the exhaust and install a set of 'SLP LoudMouth 1s' I over nighted from Amazon and tore the ugly bra off.


(Took alot of Adjusting to get those straight, they look horrible in this picture)

After taking her for a spin with the new exhaust I realized the Clutch was slipping... So a couple weeks later I took it into CPR and Joe hooked me up with a Mantic ER2 clutch. Also got a MGW short throw shifter, because for some reason the shift knob was held on with red loctite and the shifter was destroyed in the removal, but UPGRADE. Feels great now...


Next I used some VHT Niteshade and Duplicolor Clear coat (also overnighted off amazon) and blacked out my tail lights and side markers. I also replaced the badges with centennial badges and put black lettering inlay where it says Corvette on the rear fascia.


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after making my car more difficult to see at night I went ahead and installed the Lowering bolts that I had bought 2 weeks before I even picked up the car.I cranked em down as far as they would go. :spinin:


Now that she was looking pretty good and sounded okay, I craved a better sound and maybe a little power. Then I saw a fellow Forum member selling a set of Stainless Billy Boat headers and a catless X-Pipe for next to nothing and could not resist. Was a pretty straight forward install that I enjoyed quite alot. The car is loud and I love it, definitely not for the faint of heart.


(Over nighted gaskets from Amazon of course)

at this point I decided I should hold off on go fast bits and get more used to the power that I already have. so I found this Carbon Fiber wing through a string of comments on my friends facebook post. picked it up here in Casa Grande for $350. drilling holes in my baby hurt, but I love the look. I'm not sure what brand it is, its a bit taller than the OEM ZR-1 unit, but the weave looks good.


Most recently I discovered Vettesthetics on Instagram and started talking to Mike and realized he was local. I took my car to him and he tore my headlights out of my car and tore em apart and installed some gloss black Bezels with gloss black rings around the projectors and tinted DRL lenses. He also installed fresh lenses :)

I dropped my car off last Friday afternoon and picked it up Sunday afternoon. (Talk about service) He did an excellent job and I couldn't be happier with the look. might have to go back for halos at some point.


Have alot of plans for the near and far future. I'll do my best to keep this thread up to date.

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Outstanding post, we need to teach you about pointing. No pointing in the thread so Teh Commish deducts one point from your overall score thus far. I score you 9/10 :lol

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They aren't lenses, but yes theyd look nice on there. its the bezels that were replaced with black ones. The lenses are clear, didnt want to affect light output. I drive at night daily.


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I am thinking until you swap out wheels, they would look sharp powder coated black .

:2cents ^^this but I was thinking Comp Grey for teh wheels.

Sharp car, good post, & only minor style points deducted for no pointing and large font usage! :devilwinking:

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If only someone explained the pointing....
I have mixed feelings about plastidip, I would like a gloss finish. I wouldve already picked up a set of wheels, but I've got some "BIG" plans for the future that would make it pointless... if you catch my drift.

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....I've got some "BIG" plans for the future that would make it pointless... if you catch my drift.


Well, you did come from the Nissan crowd ...:bolt:

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