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WANTED: 1981 80L 80U 98M Automatic $$$


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WTB 1981 Corvette in EXCELLENT Condition

Must have:

80L 80U 98M E paint (autumn red / claret)
Medium red interior
Automatic transmission
Original LED radio (cassette or 8 track)
Loaded with options preferred
Low mileage (below 60,000)
Unmolested powertrain and body
Clean CarFax
Clean title
Documentation is a plus

email: howkatz@cox.net


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If you can't find it, I know where there is a 2 tone blue '82 extremely low miles and it is stock!

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I think you will be pressed to find one like that, but I'm sure they are out there.

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Actually, I have found several currently for sale. Two are outside Austin TX and are being considered, but have pricing and condition issues. There is one on the east coast for only $10,000 OBO with body damage, and lastly, there is a virgin (5000 actual documented miles) beauty for almost $30,000.

I'm really looking for a local car (such as the beautiful one recently sold here on ACE).

Have been trying to contact that buyer to see if they are interested in selling it. If anyone knows who bought the car, please contact me (or them) and let's try to get us together.

Thanks to all for your comments!

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