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Tortilla Flats

Final Effort

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Decide to take the daughter and grandsons to lunch

So I timed it so we would get there at 1:00

thinking the lunch crowd would be gone.

WRONG I've never seen the place like this.

No parking spot for blocks and a minimum

1hr wait. Every store was packed.

What was the MLK lunch ride like ?

Yesterday you would have to park the Vetts

at the marina . LOL

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We normally get there around 11:00, park across the street from the front entrance, no waiting to be seated. By 11:30, the place is packed like you said.

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You definitely wanna beat the crowd, not out wait it. Like Joe said, on MLK we parked right across the street and walked right in.

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Ok I'm going to try again early next week.

Will get there early.


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