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C5 Z06 sway bars

Ted Y

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Coming soon, I will have my C5 Z06 sway bars available. These will fit any C5 or C6 Corvette. The C5 "FE4" suspension package for the Z06 has the biggest sway bars available from the factory at the time of production. For comparison, a base car had the FE1, and the Z51 option was a FE3.

Base / FE1 23 mm front 19.1 mm rear
Z51 / FE3 - '97-'99 25.4 mm front 21.7 rear
Z51 / FE3 - '00-'04 28.6 mm front 23.6 rear
Z06 / FE4 30.0 mm front 23.6 rear (what you're getting)

The sway bars mostly come into play by providing less body roll and better responsiveness while cornering while less affecting ride stiffness. This is a great upgrade to any C5 owner with the stock suspension who is looking for better handling.

Price $120 to ACE members.

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Had them on our 01 coupe ...... big difference in handling .....

will they come with all the mounting hardware & bushings ???

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