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For Sale - 1972 Corvette Roadster Builder/Project


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I guess by definition, I am a 1-post wonder. My wife is actually typing this, because my skills on the computer, writing, typing, etc., are lacking. This would take me an entire week....That is why I do not participate in forums. I assure you, however, that I am honest and reliable, and I am happy to speak with you about this car for sale - assuming it is allowed per the forum rules. I have had this project for well over 15 years - and had always planned to build a nice driver. I, like many do, have put off the project too long. I have some unexpected medical expenses due to progressive health issues now, and have to let it go. I really want it to land with someone who will finish it and enjoy it.

These are the details:

1972 Corvette Roadster - Builder -

This vehicle is virtually complete.

Clean AZ title.

  • Original matching number drivetrain, 350 Turbo 400.
  • Tilt tele
  • Manual windows
  • Original radio
  • Power steering
  • Power brakes
  • AC
  • New radiator and AC condenser
  • New exhaust system (New in box from Corvette Central)
  • ACI aftermarket front end, 20+ years old
  • OEM front valance and bonding strips
  • Factory bonding strips installed
  • OEM hood
  • OEM Inner fenders
  • Front bumper and guards, OEM re-plated
  • Front grilles, NOS, installed
  • Headlight assemblies rebuilt
  • New OEM headlight doors
  • Metal bezels
  • New actuators
  • All rear trim and emblems, new NOS
  • Original tail light assemblies and lenses
  • Rear bumpers need re-plating. They are bolted on the car to show the fit.
  • Full set of matching Rally Wheels
  • NOS OEM rings and caps
  • Original spare - never used
  • Original spare tire tub and jack
  • Original door glass - Astro Ventilation - in very nice condition.
  • New windshield
  • Door hinges were re-bushed before front clip was installed
  • Soft top in place - excellent frame. Needs new soft top.
  • Excellent hardtop - needs headliner
  • Original interior - ok for a driver
  • Front clip body panels installed by professional - me
  • I believe the remainder of the body has never been hit or repaired.
  • This appears to have been repainted one time, over original paint.
  • Original paint code on the car 989, trim 417
  • NOT running.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do fiberglass work, specializing in the older Corvettes. I believe my work is generally highly regarded, and my name, Walt Piper, is trusted. (My wife insisted I include that...) I will be glad to answer any additional questions you have or post additional photos. I am asking $13,500. We are in Strawberry, AZ, about 100 miles NE of the Phoenix area.


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Yes and yes.

I put an ACI 1-piece front end on it with all the bonding strips.

Feel free to call me at 602-319-2234.

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Nice C3 project. I know all to well what is involved in getting a C3 back into shape. C3s RULE! :thumbs

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Well it's a little out of my price range and probably a little to much work for me...but very tempting.

Thanks for providing the additional info...

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Thanks for letting me know....

I sure do understand.

Just be aware, I have some room for negotiation. I have to sell this. If you know anyone who might be interested, please pass the info on.



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