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Predator U7198 programmer for GM 1999-2002

Ted Y

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I am sacrificing my lovely, one of a kind Predator Diablosport U7198 programmer that works on 1999 to 2002 LS1 and LS6 equipped vehicles.

This will allow you to program off your skip shift, set your fan on/off temps, monitor and adjust your fuel injectors and power enrichment. I definitely noticed an increase in fuel economy and lowered coolant temps using this. It works for both auto and manual cars. There are many other features as well.

It is UNLOCKED as I just downloaded my stock tune back into my car.

Brand new these are $450 and on sale for $380. This is not new. If looks don't matter to you (because it will sit in a drawer after you install it) then STEAL it from me for $120 cash.

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