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Porter Cable Polisher under $100


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Menards has this on sale thru 12-31-15 for $100 available by mail order. link here http://www.menards.com/main/p-1444425505132-c-10088.htm?tid=-2264733755190289094   Not certain if that's a good deal on not but the cheapest I found.
Also where are all of you buying your pads and other needs for the Porter Cable?
Does anyone use the Nanoskin Pad on there PC instead of using a clay bar? link here  http://www.nanoskinusa.com/products/autoscrub-system/as-006.html
If so which is better the fine or medium? Any and all suggestions appreciated.
Currently own a 90 Vert live in Cave Creek area.
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Guest badbobs95

I bought one of these to have as a back up. Way better than working by hand but it doesn't compare to my Flex DA. But there's no need to spend $400 if you are only doing your own vehicles. Very reliable machine along with Griots brand. 

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