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So I thought maybe you guys just all at once decided to go on vacation but I looked last week and now this morning and I keep getting no new content. But I can see posts from today....

So what's going on with the new content button?

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Not yet I was going to do that now and see if maybe there were to many threads as I had been busy lately, but all the unread posts still show bolded they just don't show as new content under posts since last visit or that I have not read I tried both.

I am going to keep messing with it this weekend, hoping to have a good day today.

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Thats exactly what I was going to say...

On the left side check your options...

By time period
Content I have not read
New since my last visit
Past 24 hours
Past week
Past 2 weeks
Past month
Past 6 months
Past year
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I tried the top two, nothing but this post shows.

In that case...I'd pull the motor. Jus sayin'

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I figured it out, there are options lower down I had not noticed and it was causing my issues. Guess I should scroll all the way down even when there is nothing to seemingly see.

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