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Alignment Shop Recommendation - North Scottsdale


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Hi guys,

It looks like Classic Gold may be the go-to from previous recommendations but was wondering if anyone has an alternative in the N. Scottsdale vicinity. I know it won't kill me to drive my lazy ass to Tempe but just thought I'd check.

Also, is anyone running Pfadt's alignment specs? Based on some quick reading, I think I will have the shop use their performance street specs on my C6 that's lowered on stock bolts. http://www.pfadtracing.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/corvette-alignment.pdf


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Yes on Classic Gold, and Yes on Pfadt's performance street specs. I've been using this combination for the past 4 years on mine and couldn't be more pleased. :spinin: The car is a base 2006 coupe with the Z51 package and Firestone wide oval run flats.

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