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Glendale Powder Coating

Ted Y

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I've had over 400K parts done by Valley Industrial Painting (1131 W. Watkins, Phoenix) and don't remember a single reject. The owner sold the business to Stp Performance Coating about 2 years ago. Since I haven't needed but only 1 job done by them, I can't vouch for their quality, although that one was fine. Their equipment is mostly automated, which makes for uniformity and repeatability.

Prior to Glendale Powder Coating moving to their current location, they were right next door to my business. They were not equipped to handle the volume I had, nor could they match the price on the smaller batches. I have no idea of the quality, but pricing for the one off or prototype work was also more than VIP. Of course, with the volume I did with VIP, I'm sure I was getting preferential treatment.

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I've used Glendale PC several times.

Excellennt quality and done on time.

Swing by my house and look at my rv gates on the west end of the house Ted.

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