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Totally Awesome 1981 Corvette FOR SALE


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Life changing Totally Awesome 1981 Corvette for Sale - $12k

Back in 1981 when you were seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark for the 13th time, this beast was being forged from raw steel and fiberglass. Thirty four years later this sweet ride can be yours! However, this is not your average Barbie Pink Corvette. This is an American Legend which must be seen to be appreciated.

I must caution you potential buyers on a few points regarding this two-tone cabernet rocket:

  1. This is the very car that inspired PRINCE's song "Little Red Corvette" released in '82. Not the model, but the exact vehicle which contained a "pocket full of horses" and inspired his androgynous hand to pen the lyrics. Note: It took him close to a year to gather his composure and capture his experience in song.
  2. The FDA has approved this car for men suffering from "low-T". To titrate the dose, simply adjust the volume of the Billy Squier CD which I will include free with purchase.
  3. If you are thinking of getting this car for your teenager, BEWARE! They will get multiple prom dates and the car is only a two-seater. Also, you can guarantee making out will occur. However, on the bright side not much else is possible.
  4. Upon purchasing this vehicle you will promptly rip most pairs of jeans you own, possibly add safety pins and immediately add a vintage 1983 Def Leppard Pyromania Tour t-shirt to your collection.
  5. If you have not yet mastered the Rubik's Cube, mastery will occur via osmosis.
  6. You will meet Chuck Norris. The original "Invasion USA" double shoulder holstered Uzi Chuck Norris.
  7. If you are a woman buying this car, prepare for perms and bangs. I will supply your first can of Aqua Net to help with that firm hold while the T-Tops are off. Also, get the Jane Fonda leg warmers out of the closet and prepare to blow away your yoga classmates as you step out of this chariot, mat in hand. Beware, Top Gun Pilots playing volleyball will fight over your available passenger seat. Note to husbands, when this occurs you better call Kenny Loggins because your wife just "Entered the Danger Zone".

With all those cautionary statement out of the way, a few features of the vehicle:

  • 56,000 Original Head-turning Miles
  • L81 350 Cubic Inch Engine (back when America measured things in cubic inches) and a NEWLY (like last week) rebuilt Turbo 350 Automatic transmission (Yes, that's right GM used the term TURBO to define a transmission).
  • Mirrored glass T-Tops (think Poncherello's glasses) included but not shown in the picture. Why? Because they should NEVER be put on even during monsoon season.
  • New brake calipers, rotors and lines, because brakes are an important quality in a car.
  • Cold AC, but that's irrelevant because AGAIN, you should NEVER put the T-Tops on.
  • New CD player with a remote because when Tawny Kitaen is on the hood and needs to turn the volume up on Whitesnake she can.
  • New Exhaust and carburetor to feed the dragon and handle its breath.
  • Corvette mechanics tell me this is a "survivor car" so if you like Rocky and "Eye of the Tiger" then I get this car had something to do with them as well...

Lastly for nostalgia's sake here is the original GM advertisement from 1981:


So, if you are ready for a life changing event and wish to buy this car, please feel free to email me at tristahns@yahoo.com









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Nice! Is that Dark Claret lower paint? I haven't seen one painted that way before. :thumbs

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My first Vette was a Tan '81 with the glass tops. Ordered it and left the country on vacation the day it arrived at the dealers. He kept it on the showroom floor until we returned. Only kept the car 2 years and sold it for more than I paid. Loved the car and now I have lost track of how many Vettes I have had. Great ad. Good luck .

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Does the clock work? - it doesn't have a clock. We put a CD player and it has a clock that works. It does have the ability to turn back time.

Dark Claret is correct. Not a lot of two tone cars around anymore. I'm curious what this car sold for new roneva.

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I'm curious what this car sold for new.

Google sez the Corvette Black Book lists $16,258.52.....

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Thanks for the encouragement guys. That was fast! I just sold it today for $12k. $500 deposit down and he will come get it next week when banks are open. I'll keep the ad up for humor's sake and if the deal for some reason does not go through.

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Years ago, we had an identical Corvette.

I know that this Vette has been sold, but I am looking for this EXACT vehicle and somehow missed your original post.

Is the buyer here in Arizona?

If so, may I please contact him and see if he wants to sell me the Vette. Your assistance would be very much appreciated.



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