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Happy Birthday Eddie, you old DOG!

Guest badbobs95

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Jan 6 2,000,000,000 B.C

Dirt was invented.

Jan 6 1,999,999,999 B.C

Eddie made the first sand castle.

Jan 6 1969

Future Governor of Georgia Jimmy Carter sees an Unidentified Flying Object in Leary, GA. Also witnessing the craft are his fellow Lions Club members. But the strangest part about this is, it was Carter and not Governor Jerry Brown.

Jan 6 1977

The Sex Pistols lose their EMI recording contract after a television host encourages them to spout obscenities on the air.

Jan 6 1982

William G Bonin, the truck driving "Freeway Killer", convicted in Los Angeles. He had murdered 14 boys and young men.

Jan 6 1993

Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev dead fromAIDS.

Jan 6 1994


Figure skater Nancy Kerrigan is attacked in the knees by a man in Detroit wielding a collapsable baton. It is later determined that her inferior rival Tonya Harding and her boyfriend were responsible for the attack.

Jan 6 1998

Vandals decapitate the bronze "Little Mermaid" statue in Copenhagen harbor. It is the first decapitation of the famous Edvar Eriksen statue since 1964, and the incident has the city horrified.

happy birthing day ya old fart.
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Thanks everybody! Other than having to work it was a great day!

Really started Sunday with a three grandkids lunch and ended tonight at dinner with my 86yr old Mom and her husband.

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