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The Anti-Crossfire - '78 Turbine Vette


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I remember seeing something about this online while it was a 'work in progress', but I bet you're right about the clock.

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Now I remember...I saw this thing on the way to work one day. I had the "other car", but I was about 7th st and Deer Valley Rd and I smelled jet fuel. Usually a familiar smell at the airport, but I was a ways off from the ramp. I saw the C3 ahead of me and that sweet smell of jet fuel got more aromatic, when I began to hear the whine. i did catch up but didn't want to cut him off so I could turn into airport so I let off and watched him head toward 19th ave. One of the mechanics indicated one of the shops NW of the airport is home. I remember the paint was still rough in places with some primer here and there, and the interior was still pretty much not there, but she had the same wheels and stance. Probably was around 2013 ish.

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We got to hear them start it up at BJ, they pushed out of the tent & started it up, very cool. I didn't see it cross the block so I don't know what it sold for.


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