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So I've sold my truck. Now I have decisions to make. I would still like a truck, but have had a thought creep into my feeble brain.

Take the money I got from the truck and put it into the vette and fix a few lingering issues and buy a newer, used smaller truck.

Or, clean up the vette, sell her and use all the money as a down payment to buy a C6.

I've heard issues with valve trains in some years of C6's, but don't know which ones and if it's really something to worry about. I've looked a little and I could potentially get into one for under $30k...possibly as low as $25k. With a good chunk down, I could have a fairly low payment.

What to do....


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Sell teh C5, buy a C4.

Make a truck vette. One way to go....



I kinda like that! And, if it really has the ZR-1 pkg, I'll bet she performs quite nice.

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That looks so nice, I'd seriously consider selling my truck to get one. I've missed my '70 El Camino now for more than 25 years and this would be much cooler.

So is it a one-off custom or is there a conversion kit available?

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Not 100% sure but I believe it's just the LS7 (Z06) that has had valve issues. I'd stay away unless you can buy it cheap enough to have the issue taken care of or the owner shows receipts that it's been done.

I am a proponent of using your Vette as a daily driver. I've had four now and average about 20-25k a yr on them. That said, I've heard you say you wouldn't want to drive your Vette to work. Are you going to be comfortable doing so?

You also need to think about how many times you used your truck as a truck. A wise man once told me rather than make a payment, upkeep and insurance on a truck for the 3-4 times a year he really needed it he just rents one from Uhaul. Made fiscal sense to me. Besides you have an SUV if you really want to go out shooting or partaking in other desert activities.

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Have you sat in, or driven a C6?

I say try one out to see if it fits your dream.... Then like said, 08 and up had LS3.

But look at RRBob in his LS2 for what they are capable of if you find a killer deal on one...

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And yet, your signature speaketh volumes. :)

im wating for the tag sticker, then I will mount the plate, and it will be official Roxy v5

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Wait..?????? they let you make payments on cars???????

Why hasen't someone told me this before ?

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Ok, so no worries on valve train. How many miles do clutches last under normal driving conditions. If I happen to find a manual, I'd hate to have to pay for a new one too soon.

Eddie, if I got the C6, it would get driven a lot more than this one and I have no problem driving mine to school now.

As far as the truck goes, the place we go out to the desert has a major dip that I'm not sure if her car can go through. True, there are other places, but we've got a soft spot for that one and it's not too far away. :lol:

On a side note, I spent the better part of the day pulling the entire nitrous system out. Now to organize the parts and try to sell them off.

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I know a lot of folks will disagree but if you're going to make it a daily driver get an A/T. Shifting in rush hour traffic will get old in a hurry! I can shift when I want and I can cruise when I want.

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sean here are some things to consider

-70% of the c6 vettes were autos. its going to be hard to find a manual.

-the HUD came standard on the LT3 package (along with dual memory seats, heated seats, dual zone HVAC )

at a quick glance look at the driver side door and look for 3 oval shaped buttons (1 ,2 and exit). if it has that then its an LT3 package.

-the LT1 packages are a joke, avoid them.

-you can add HUD to a car for $300 (total guess)

- you really , REALLY want an 08' or later. the refinements are great, the improvements on the trany programming are dialed in and the LS3 engine is totally awesome.

example, by simply adding a medium cam and inexpensive z06 manifolds I added 80+hp and TQ to Roxxane v3 for $1200 +/-.

- the auto is a good tranny. PRO: first gear is ridiculously short. seriously, it will shift into second before you cross the intersection. great for "butt acceleration" and Yahoo.

CON: the steering wheel paddles are a joke. seriously. you hit "+" and ...pause...pause....pause..... then...shift....... to make them halfway usable they have to be tuned. there is some debate on tuning the tranny and life shorting.

don't do what other Orange vette drivers have done and wait 100K miles before chain the filter and oil.

-if you drive a c6, you will not look back to the c5. so many of the refinements are nice; key-less fob, HID headlights, more power.

- the grandsport is nice but only adds; wider wheels (z06) better brakes (zo6).

- the navigation is a joke, if you get it fine. but dont spend any extra money on it. one advantage of the Nav is you can buy a GM PAL ipod interface. its not great, but it works.

- the F55 (computer controlled shocks) is nice, but I woudl not go out of my way for them

- I would not have a problem buying an LS3 car with 30K miles.

17K miles = Woo Hoo!

30K miles = okdokie

50K miles= ekk a little high,m better take some money off. but Id buy it

75K miles. = hmm not for a daily driver.

100K mikes = time to sell

if I had an LS3 car to do over again, I would buy an aftermarket radio and have a serious beer debate between Cam/headers (not heads, the LS3 heads flow AWESOME) and getting an edelbrock e-force.

good luck bud.

the traitor


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He just changed jobs so I doubt he'll do it again soon but the way he hangs onto cars he could work elsewhere before he trades. Besides all It would take is a fatal on Glendale and it would be stop and go :lol

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